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                                      MERCHANT  NAVY   ASSOCIATION                                                                 NORTHERN  IRELAND

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From time immemorial we have had our seamen, a motley bunch of men, fearless, hardworking, unpretentious loyal only to their ship exploited by governments and shipowners alike,  In 1836 a House of Commons Select Committee was set up by the government of the day to look into the affairs of seamen.  Forty year later in 1876 Parliament passed the Merchant Shipping Acts after which seafarers were collectively refereed to as the Merchant Service. In recognition of the service given during the First World War by our seamen, King George V  in 1922 decreed that the Merchant Service would henceforth be known as the Merchant Navy and that the Prince of Wales would be Master of the Merchant Navy, hence the title MERCHANT NAVY.   A title hard earned and well deserved.  Unfortunately ignorance often prevails even among senior politicians who should know better they have a propensity to use the Americanism 'Merchant Marine' rather than our own title 'Merchant Navy'.


        Paintings the 'Holy Ghost' and the 'Torr Head' by kind permission of the artist  Phil Williamson